Will vertical farming be able to make a difference with American agriculture?



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    Assuming it’s efficient and viable, then I believe so.  It will open a lot of land to restoration, and hopefully we’ll be able to repair the prairies that have been decimated by agriculture without reducing our output. 

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    I believe so.  Vertical Farming is pretty much hydroponics, probably more efficient than traditional dirt farming, and I’d venture to say that it may be cheaper too.  It allows farmers to grow crops year-round, protected from the seasons by being sheltered in a high-rise.  Soooo helpful when you live in a city like Chicago.  There’s a huge variety that can be grown in a vertical farming environment: leafy vegetables, rice, corn, wheat, barley, onions – the basic staples of the everyday pantry.  Vertical farmers won’t have to worry about the state of their soil, and, like greengenie said, it’ll allow a lot of land to restore. 

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