Will US automakers go back to producing inefficient cars when the recession is over?



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    No. If anything they’d start making inefficient cars when a recession is occuring. Businesses have less money to invest in research on what makes cars efficient or inefficient. Other businesses are failing, so customers have less choice of what to pick. Customers have less money available and have no choice but to pick the cheaper, inefficient cars. Efficient cars are generally more expensive, so after the recession I believe more efficient cars will start coming out.

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    US automakers will probably manufacture whatever the American public wants to buy (and will buy). During the high gasoline prices of summer 2008, there was a drop-off in SUV purchases. That reverted somewhat within months when the price of gasoline fell by early 2009. For early 2010, sales of full-size SUVs increased at a faster rate than the auto industry as a whole.

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    Yes and no. Some ineffiecent cars have been sent back to the dealers and company, because of the recession and the other ineffiecent cars have been sent back, because they aren’t selling very well anymore and now different company’s are joining together to help save themselves. So the cars that were sent away, because of the recession may come back, but it is very unlikely. Also, now since the economy is slowly turning back around, they will produce more efficent cars, but try to keep them at a lower price then before, because by keeping them at such high prices, no one is buying them, which causes them to possibly go bankrupt.

     Check out my citations, because they have more helpful information then I have wrote.

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    The idea of inefficient cars doesn’t typically reflect the state of the economy.  It usually reflects the average price of gas.  When gas prices go up, people tend to buy more energy efficient vehicles.  When gas prices go down, people are less concerned about energy efficient vehicles and tend to buy vehicles that suit their other needs, such as 4 wheel drive and hauling capacity.  If the end of the recession means that the price of gas gets cheaper, I wouldn’t be surprised of U.S. automakers began producing less efficient cars to meet the demand of the public.

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    Inefficent cars are always being produced and so are effecient cars (hybrid). The rate at which these cars are produced will change. As the economy recovers consumers will have the disposable income to purchase luxury cars. Some individuals prefernce for a luxury car may actually be a hybrid and another individuals prefrence may be a suburban. There are many factors that go into prefrences. In recent years the public has become more concious of the enviornment and look towards saving money on gas while saving the enviornment… It’s a win win situation. Therefore, when the recession is over US automakers will increase the rate at which inefficient cars are being made because the demand will be higher. As well, when the recession is over the rate at which hybrid cars are being made will increase (eespecially when the technology gets better).

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