will a tree continue to live after it was partially damaged by a fire.



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    Many trees will have visible fire damage but still be alive on the inside, and a number of factors will determine whether it will live or die over the next few years after the damage. This includes the general health of the tree and the cumulative damage to roots, leaves, the cambium layer (under the bark), and wood. Fire-damaged trees can become susceptible to insect attack after fire damage, which can sicken the tree. Some trees, like maple or birch, will regrow out of a stump if the top of the tree has been killed off. Rarer trees, like the Giant Sequoia from parts of California, is so well-adapted to periodic fires that the seeds within its cones require fire to grow into new giant trees. The tree has evolved a highly protective outer layer rich in tannin, which allows it to get significantly burned without dying.

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