Will toads and salamanders die if not removed from a deep window well?



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    It depends on what the environment is like in the window well. Salamanders need moisture to survive; they will not venture far away from ponds or lakes even if they are terrestrial. Toads also require a moist, forest like environment to survive.

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    Good question.

    This will depend on the species and what the window well is like. Many window wells, even if filled with rocks, will have moisture and water in them. If this is the case, both salamanders and toads could live for quite a while in the window well. They eat insects, which will fly in, and they will have moisture.

    Toads have tougher skin and can live a long way from water for extended periods of time. However, salamanders have skin that must be kept moist. If the well is dry, the salamande may die pretty quickly.

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