Will there really be a point at which global warming will become irreparable global disaster?



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    There is no way to know that. As our knowledge of global warming advances, and as technology to deal with it develops, whether or not the effects of climate change are “irreparable” will always be a moving target. Climate change is not a monolithic process. It has so many facets and so many potential effects that it’s difficult to really think of it as a unified system. What we do know is that rising temperature levels, if left unaddressed, will make life on Earth more difficult and expensive. What do we do about rising sea levels flooding Pacific islands, for instance, or coastal populations that are susceptible to the extreme storms and weather events that climate change will make more frequent and likely? Do we move those people inland, build seawalls against potential storm surges, increase our technology to predict storms, or all of the above? Changing over to non-hydrocarbon based fuels is another lengthy process, and even incremental progress on a substantial scale is likely to mitigate some effects of climate change in the short term. In general, while the effects of climate change are varied, I don’t think you can point to one recognizable “doomsday moment” after which all efforts to alleviate the crisis become futile. Humanity may be dealing with the climate change problem for decades or even centuries to come.

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