Will there ever be electric SUV’s and trucks?



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    There already are electric SUV’s and trucks. There is a company called Phoenix Motorcars that builds only electric trucks and SUV’s. So, they do already exist, but they probably will not become popular until battery technology is better. Moving all the weight of a truck or SUV takes more energy than a small electric car, so the batteries will drain quicker. It is a similar concept as to how trucks and SUV’s have lower gas mileage than sedans. We will probably see more on the road in the future.

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    Phoenix Motorcars just released a sport utility truck and sport utility vehicle that is a four passenger, has zero-emissions, can travel on freeway speed, can travel over 100 miles on a ten minute charge, and runs on a revolutionary lithium titanate battery. These cars were released in 2008, and generally run around $45,000.

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