Will there ever be anything built in central park?



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    There are actually several structures already constructed within the confines of Central Park. The Central Park Sheepfold, for example, has a long history beginning as what was to function as a space as a parade ground. Over time, it became an area for sheep grazing and even a restaurant that closed in 2009. Today it currently functions as a center for Central Park’s thriving tourism.

    Central Park manages to maintain itself so well in part due to tourism, a fact that New York is not only aware of, but markets towards. As a result there are many other buildings and things to do in the Park. In addition to the highly historic Sheepfold mentioned above, you can find things such as the famous Balto statue (featured in the animated movie Balto!) and areas set aside and constructed for performance.

    From this evidence it can be assessed that building in Central Park is not off limits, but is highly focused around tourism dollars. It is likely future construction projects will happen if they are deemed by the city and state of New York to be useful in attracting tourism.

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    New Yorkers are pretty protective of their space and Central Park is definitely a gem to be well guarded.

    It appears as if in 2010 there were plans to build an indoor tennis bubble inside the park so that people could play all year round.  The idea was quickly scrapped though as there were too many reasons why NOT to build.  For one, the bubble would block the beautiful views that makes Central Park so gorgeous to begin with.  Second, NY residents were concerned about the noise and pollution that would surely come from having a huge generator-run plastic bubble in the middle of their precious park.  Third, locals were worried that playing tennis, a once affordable sport would become astronomical in price, making it unattainable for many city residents.  One such resident noted that to play now cost about $100 a season but that to play inside the bubble people would be looking at $100/hour!

    For now the idea is off the table though some city officials say that if they can find a way to power the bubble without using generators, the idea may be put back on the books. 

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