Will there ever be another Olympics in Beijing because of the smog?



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    I doubt we’ll see another olypics in Beijing anytime soon, but it likely won’t be because of the smog.  Rather, the olympic committee makes an effort to hold the games in a new city every year.  In the 114 years that the olympic games have been held, there are only three cities to host more than one olympics:  Athens, Paris, and London, and none within 40 years of the previous hosting.  Let’s hope that when Beijing’s next turn rolls around, there won’t be a problem with smog!

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    We likely won’t again see the Olympics in Beijing, but it won’t be because of the smog. Simply put, the city had it’s turn and it’s time to move on. The IOC tries to rotate continents and countries, not to mention cities, and while China may get another shot, Beijing won’t. Few cities have ever gotten a second go around. Athens was one, and that was almost a century a part.  It will be even rarer now, as the Olympics are now exploring South America, and eventually Africa.

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    The Olympics will be held wherever the IOC feels they can maximize on profit.  The residents of London were overwhelmingly against holding the Olympics there, but the even will go ahead in 2012.

    Several of this year’s World Cup matches have been played in front of banks of empty seats because concerns about safety and ticketing kept people away from South Africa.  FIFA, the sport’s governing body, felt that the popularity of the game in Africa and the attraction of a tourist destination country like South Africa would bring people (and money), though, and the event was staged anyway.


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