Will there be gas stations devoted to alternative sources of energy?



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    Hopefully in the future we won’t need gas stations at all!  There will be charging stations for electric cars, and those stations will be dependent on the source of energy that provides them with electricity.  As we become more sustainable, they will become more devoted to alterative forms of energy.

    For a current answer, however, take a look at CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) stations and stations that have ethanol-based fuels and other biofuels.  CNG stations are very popular in South America and parts of Europe as the prices of traditional gasoline have gone so high in recent years.  CNG is a much cleaner form of fuel, however, it is still a fossil fuel, and as such it cannot sustain us forever.  There are many stations in the US where you can find biofuels.

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    Yes, near where I live in Washington State there is a gas station that sells ethanol-based fuels. But, I agree with whitefish in that this is only an interim, short-term solution.

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