Will taking a lot of prescription drugs hurt your body?



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    Yes, because the drugs may interact with one another in unexpected ways (made much more likely when you take many different kinds).

    Furthermore, prescription drugs can be harmful when not taken as directed in the directions (taking too much can be very harmful and dangerous!)

    Always be careful to follow directions and check out online whether the meds you’re taking could interact with one another negatively.

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    The more prescription drugs a person takes, the higher the risk of drug interactions.  These interactions can reduce the effectiveness of other drugs that are being taken and even create a possibility for a combined side effect.  Also, some prescription drugs do significant damage to your liver and kidneys.

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    Yes; many prescription drugs have many side effects and these side effects could cause more problems than the actual affliction. Several drugs combined can cause many of these side effects and can seriously harm your body in many different ways. Many prescription drugs unfortunately are not tested adequately before being put out on the market and thus in the end cause much more harm than good.

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