Will the organic section in grocery stores ever be bigger than the non organic section?



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    I’d like to think that the answer to this question is yes. As more people demand organic and responsibly produced products, the supply and availability of these products will increase. What that means, though, is people will have to deal with the higher prices that exist today and reduce their use of non-organic products which might be difficult in some places where they are not as available. Because the organic sector is smaller, there is less competition between producers so prices will only fall if people insist upon organics, resulting in increased production and competition between producers. Ultimately I think this will happen, we are already moving in that direction, people just need to be diligent and demand quality.

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    Maybe eventually. It depends on whether organic foods continue to become more popular, and whether we can find ways to feasibly make more of our produce organic. The conventional, non-organic foods have the advantage of being cheaper, so they’re both easier for stores to stock and more accessible to people who can’t afford to buy all their food organic. So really the issue is probably whether or not it will eventually be possible to produce large amounts of organic foods cheaply, so the conventional foods won’t be as necessary to have. If nothing else, I think organic sections in stores will continue to be somewhat prevalent, since organic foods have become increasingly popular in recent years and it seems like many people who can afford to by them on a regular basis do.

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