Will Santa have to move off the North Pole once all the polar ice caps melt?



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    He’s probably already had to move: in the summer of 2008, the North Pole itself was free of ice. If one wished, one could have sailed right to it. The current loss of polar ice we are experiencing is the first such occurance in recorded human history, and a clear sign of climate change.

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    He is not going to have to move… because we are going to see to it that we solve the problems (like fossil fuel consumption and energy production/waste) that are causing climate change… and we are going to do it before it gets so bad that the environment is drastically changed forever. Have some Hope, people. We are going to get this right before it’s too late or our grandchildren will curse our names for having the knowledge of the problem and the technology for the cure, but not the will or desire to fix the issues before they got worse. I, for one, aim to invent and employ as many green practices as possible… to make sure Santa will have a home for millenia to come. It’s not too late, and I do not believe for one second that the North Pole had no ice in it in 2008. I know it is getting bad, though, but all hope is not lost. We are all in this together and we must find ways to fix things before they get worse.

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    It’s definitely not looking good…he may not have to move permanently, but he may have to relocate for a bit. At the least least, I hope he enjoys warm weather.

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