Will salt water kill plants in a garden?



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    In short, Yes.

    Salt will readily absorb water and then proceed to dehydrate the plants. This happens because the concentration of salt outside of the plant roots is much higher and in trying to reach equilbrium, the water will travel from the root to the dirt, leaving the plant with little water.

    Also, when sodium chloride (common salt) desolves in water, it dissociates into chlorine and sodium. Chlorine is absorbed by the roots and carried to the leaves, where it accumilates and interferes with chlorophyll production and photosynthesis.

    With high salt concentrations, it is difficult for root growth and germination.

    This is all true for most plants, although the Phragmite loves salt and would grow and thrive in such conditions. It is an invasive species, so I would not suggest this for your garden.

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