Will a rise in ocean temperatures cause a lot of problems?



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    Yes. While the ocean has been slower than land environments to react to climate change effects are being felt on this fragile ecosystem.  One of the worst-hit is coral. Rises in temperature can cause bleaching of coral which slows their growth and can lead whole reefs to die off.  Since so many organisms in the ocean depend on coral reefs this would be extremely disastrous. Also affected by higher ocean temperatures are krill which serve as a food source for many of the oceans creatures (at the bottom of the food chain). Krill reproduce at a much slower rate in hotter water and without sufficient food for bottom feeders, eventually those animals at the top of the food chain will be affected and start to die off.

    Higher water temperatures also cause water to expand which means sea levels will rise.  Already it is predicted that many places where humans and other animals live will be under water in the next century. 

    Tropical storms and hurricanes are also more likely to occur (and we are already seeing their frequency) with higher water temperatures. The warmer the surface of the ocean water the faster it evaporates into vapor which contributes to the creation of storms.

    Warmer ocean temperatures also contributes to the melting of arctic ice which is already happening.


    Bleaching slows coral growth, makes them susceptible to disease, and can lead to large-scale reef die-off. 

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