Will residents be given the technology for smart grids or will they have to purchase it themselves?



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    In most cases, electric utilities are putting up the initial cost of the smart meter to be installed on a home, then tacking on a small monthly charge to the resident’s bill that will pay off the meter over time.  Many residents are furious with this additional charge, and do not think that the benefits of smart grid technology are worth it, although in many cases, laws have been past requiring all residents to have smart meters within the next decade or two.  Money is also being spent by utilities to educate the consumer in how the technology can save them money, if used properly.

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    General Electric has already begun installing transmitters in their appliances to work in conjunction with smart meters, which are a large part of the smart grid project.  The cost to us as a consumer may be reflected in the cost of the appliance, but only in small amounts that will be paid back over time through energy cost savings. 

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    Ah it is good to have gone solar. I and the sun are my eletric company. Charge has been two motorboat batteries in the last two years. Just around $150. Totalled. I am single and my needs are small. For a family it would take more but it still can be kept cheaper than utilities.

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