Will renewable energy ever be our main source of energy?



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    I like the ambiguity of this question, and hopefully its idealism. To begin, if renewable energy were to become the main source there would have to be intense infrastructural changes. This would require a lot of start-up money, lots of land acquisition and research to find the locations suitable for differing types of renewables and their construction. Different regions would benefit from certain types of renewables based on geography, but renewables are much more subject to faulter under adverse weather conditions. All this would need to be taken into account in order to allot the proper amount of energy from centralized sources, as we do now. Alternately, we could have a decentralized approach, whereby families and neighborhoods plan and build for their own off-grid energy needs.

    In any case, the largest pitfall is the corporate market. If a transfer to renewable energy were something everyone was committed to, big business would need to transfer their means of production ust like the citizens. There are many impediments to this currently, one being the often touted solution to climate change, carbon trading. This solution leaves companies loopholes to pollute and doesn’t give them the impetus to change to green en tota.


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    Eventually, renewable energy sources will have to be our main source of energy. We cannot keep burning fossil fuels for 2 reasons.

    1) It is bad for the environment (greenhouse gas emissions could lead to terrible global catastrophes if unchecked)

    2) The resources are non renewable, meaning eventually they will run out.

    It may seem impossible for renewable energy sources to power the world. But given time, technological innovation, a few new breakthroughs in solar, and wind (and other renewable energy sources) energy production, we could have the ability to power the world in an almost completely environmentally friendly way.

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