Will the postal service expire eventually?



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    I think that the postal service will become obsolete eventually, but not too soon. Anyone raised before the high surge in internet emailing and cards will have an appreciation for the occasional letter and paying paper bills. However, I think that once the generation that was just born becomes adults the concept of paper mail will be obsolete and a waste of paper, forcing the postal service to stop. It will stay in business as a package delivery service though because people need to send things to each other and order things online. 

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    I don’t think so because no matter how technologically dependent we become, we will always need to move products. USPS is still cheaper than UPS and FedEx. If it does ever become obsolete I think it will be because the cost to run will get too high. 

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    I don’t necessarily think it will become obsolete–it will simply adapt to the changing needs of Americans. Mailing gifts is still popular, and big items still need a way to get around. Email and gift cards can only do so much. Moreover, USPS is run by the government, so it has a strong backing–Fed Ex and UPS will have to make drastic moves before the USPS.

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