Will plants grow faster If they are in the sun instead of the shade?



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    Yes, most plants need ample sunlight–obtaining energy from the sun’s rays. 

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    Plants will grow faster if they are in the sun. Plants need sunlight (or an appropiate light alternative) in order to make chlorophyll, the component in a plant that makes it green and allows it to grow. However, too much sunlight withhout enough water or the proper soil will cause a plant harm and could eventually kill it. 

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    Certainly, as long as they acquire an appropriate amount of water, too. Some plants evolve to their conditions and preserve higher levels of chlorophyll in the leaves to compensate for the lack of sunlight.

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    Some plants need abundant sun; some thrive in shade.

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    Perennials do really well in light shade and some will even grow in heavily-shaded areas. Bulbs such as crocus, scillas, snowdrops, species tulips, daffodils, and tuberous begonias also do well in light shade. Annuals like impatiens, browallias, coleus, wax begonias, and dwarf salvias retain color better in light shade than in full sunlight. Mint herbs also do well in shaded areas.

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