Will our children be more sustainable than we are?



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    Hopefully our children will be more sustainable than we are for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is that they will have grown up in an environment that strongly encourages sustainability from many different sources including school, the government, and hopefully their own family. We didn’t necessarily have that encouragement because sustainability was not as enforced or desired during our youth. Additionally, they will also have a stronghold in sustainability technology. Whereas we are now attempting to develop such technology, they will already have a board to spring from and increased technology to manipulate to best serve our efforts toward sustainability.

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    I think they have to be more sustainable that we are. The reason is because the effects of wastefulness won’t be able to be ignored in a generation or so. The more information that comes out, the more people will recognize the threats and because not enough is currently being done to combat things like climate change, inarguable repercussions will be felt. They will also be fortunate that the idea of a sustainable lifestyle will be more attainable and more acceptable as years past so it will be a combination of necessity and accessibility in years to come.

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    That all depends on what is being taught to children and how they view a “healthy lifestyle”. Education for the importance of being sustainable is crucial because it teaches everyone the importance of their actions and the ideas they promote when they purchase certain products. By purchasing organic products they are promoting sustainable methods that do not use harsh chemical fertilizers and pesticides which pollute the earth and cause significant environmental damage. I believe that a child’s view of what a “healthy” or “happy” lifestyle is needs to be understood. Living a life of extreme luxury with large mansions, multiple vehicles, and large big screen plasma TVs creates a large amount of waste. Some children and people often want all these material items and they should understand that material possessions do not bring happiness. Happiness can be found living a very simple lifestyle.

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    Absolutely. The key to sustainability is information. The key to information is knowledge and availability. Computers allow people to organize, educate, and unite others. Students create clubs in College that allow others to access information. I think many more people would care more about the environment if they only knew the direct effects of humans on our surroundings. Younger people are starting to get involved in the green community, spreading support and knowledge. The green movement has only recently taken off and I think with a little time, the stand for the envionment will grow very strong.

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