Will offshore wind farms ever become popular in America?



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    I think that it will. Wind farm efficiency technology is developing although it is not yet cost effective. Once a cost effective way of storing maximum wind energy generation is developed we will see more wind farms including offshore ones. There is enough government incentive and private incentive, that I think we may see this sooner than later.

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    If offshore wind farms are ever popular in America, I think it will be a long time from now.  Though there is certainly a growing portion of the population committed to developing sustainable energy technologies, there are still plenty of people who are opposed to, or at least wary of, any shift from the status quo.  While offshore wind energy does show promise as an efficient and productive energy source, there are still many concerns that must be addressed before it can be implemented on a large scale.  While cost is by far the major drawback to offshore wind energy at the moment, other substantial concerns include aesthetics and impact on ocean habitats.  If the cost can be lowered, and offshore windfarms can be shown to have little or no environmental impact, then eventually offshore wind energy might catch on; but I don’t think that will happen any time soon.

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    One thing to keep in mind about wind turbines in their potential to kill birds. Offshore wind farms have the advantage of being farther away from bird flight paths, so they would be easier to approve in terms of conflicts with the Endangered Species Act. However, offshore energy solutions have one major disadvantage. The farther that electricity has to travel to reach the final consumer, the more energy gets lost along the way. Thus, small-scale home units may be our best option. Unfortunately, pleaople tend to complain about the noise and aethetic impact of local devices.

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