Will Obama run into problems from the fossil fuel industry and their lobbyists as he tries to get nuclear power more involved in America?



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    He already does face opposition from them and yes he will continue to habe problems with them as he tries to push clean energy reform through congress. Partisan politics exists because of differences in philosophies, and in this case because of financing of the republican party by many strong lobbys such as the energy lobby. Obama is hoping to bypass this partisanship by speaking directly with the GOP to work out a plan that everyone is happy with, hopefully it works.

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    He does face opposition and will continue to do so. Unfortunately, whenever a President decides to change policy significantly, it  usually means some people will lose money, and lobbyists will fight for it. Sadly, the people who are in danger of losing money already have lots, and thus they have the power to pressure politicians to help aid in their protest. And so the political process goes.

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