Will not eating meat help to save the oceans?



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    While you might not be ‘saving’ the ocean, opting to not eat fish and other marine animals will help reduce the severity of human damage done to the ocean and marine environments.  Current fishing rates are depleting marine life and means of catching fish and seafood are destructive, tearing up ocean floors and killing many untargeted animals and organisms as ‘bycatch’.  Farm-raised fish and other marine animals are also not a great alternative – they require lots of energy to raise, much more than their wild caught relatives.  Going veg can also help reduce the depletion of fish and marine animals, as fishmeal is growing in demand as a form of livestock feed.

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    If a vast number of people quit eating fish and other seafood, then overfishing would be far less of a problem. To get more info, check out the link below.

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