Will most houses have renewable energy systems on them in the future?



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    Right now, renewable energhey systems are too expensive for most families, so the economic benefit of not having one outweighs the potential benefit to the envrionment for having one. As these systems get less expensive (either by government subsidy or because the technology gets better) then they will being to “pay for themselves” much sooner than they do now, and eventually it will be common sense for all homes to carry these units.

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    I think so. Solar systems can save people lots of money and if they are tied into the grid, people can make money off of their excess energy. Right now there are a few tax credits you can get for installing them, but unfortunately the upfront costs have to be footed by the home owner. They are pricey right now, but as the technology improves and they become more mainstream, more people will be able to afford them. 

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