Will most electric companies give you a rebate if you have energy star appliances?



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    It depends on which state you live in and which utility you use.  Some electric utilities like Xcel do provide rebates for Energy Star products.  Guidelines for rebates in the state of Colorado are below, for example. 

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    Some electric companies like Pacific Gas & Electric offer online rebates to customers who purchase ENERGY STAR appliances.  Applications for rebates on anything from washers and dryers to pool filtration pumps can be found on PG&E’s website.

    Each U.S. state and territory also has its own ENERGY STAR rebate program funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  The programs are expected to last until February of 2012 (or until the funding money is exhausted).  Most rebates are between $50 and $500 dollars and vary according to appliance price and market factors.  Federal tax credit is also available with the purchase of certain ENERGY STAR products.  

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