Will metals ever break down in landfills?



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    Almost nothing will break down in landfills. They tend to be sealed without air to keep any toxic chemicals from leeching into the environment, so even matter that is technically biodegradable often doesn’t decompose. But metal doesn’t really decompose. It rusts, but it doesn’t really break down the way that organic matter does because there is nothing that can rot or be broken down by microorganisms.

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    That is partially true wonderflan, but eventually nearly anything will break down. Metals will take longer due to their chemical composition. By breaking down, one usually means to break into their most natural elements. If you put gold into a landfill it will stay gold forever, it will of course look differently. If you put some kind of solution into a landfill, it will partially evaporate, and partially break down. All of this takes a very long time, depending on what you want to break down.

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