Will mass production of electric vehicles cause more environmental problems?



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    Yes, the mass production of hybrid vehicles will cause environmental problems.

    First there is production, the world produces a variety of goods and they are all produced on assembly lines and in factories, which run on the current energy infrastructure, which here in the United States is a majority of coal and nuclear power plants. It takes more energy to build an electric car as opposed to a generic car because of all the technology required as well. So more CO2 gets pumped into our air.

    Then the actual use of the car, a hybrid still pumps out CO2 just LESS CO2. And like a hybrid, a complete electric car still runs the same materials. Lead, zinc, and other particles become stormwater runoff pollution that end up in our water systems. Then the charging of the car’s batteries. When the owner plugs in the car, it will be feeding from the electric grid, which is currently being run off of coal and nuclear. It is said that with electric cars our energy needs will become almost double than what they are now. That pressure will be put upon building more nuclear and coal power plants to sustain out energy dependence.

    Then the breakdown of the car. Once the car is out of commission a lot of the parts are recycled. However in any electric car or hybrid, the batteries become complicated therefore most of the battery parts end up at a toxic waste site somewhere. This will cause problems once electric vehicles become more widespread and more batteries become a waste.

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