Will the levels of biological magnification be different at different trophic levels?



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    No. Biological magnification starts when a producer (like a deer or something else that doesn’t feed off other animals but feeds other animals) eats something that contains an inorganic nutrient (like DDT). In an effort to store nutrients in case the animal doesn’t get them again soon the deer will try to eat as much of the grass as possible to “store” up the nutrients. But if what it is eating has a chemical in it, by eating so much they are in a sense storing up the chemical meaning the chemical is magnified inside the consumer and at a greater level than in the environment. Then it is transferred between the trophic levels (food chain) when the deer is eaten by something else. But the level of magnification doesn’t change between the animals. The animal that ate the deer simply absorbs the same amount of chemical that was in the deer and it will be passed on from animal to animal.

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