Will the LED market grow as fast as the CFL market did?



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    I don’t think that the LED market will grow as fast as the CFL market for a few reasons.  First of all, the cost of LED’s is extremely high at this point, and although they are extremely low cost energywise once installed and list forever, in a home setting it takes several years for the cost of energy saved to equal the money spent on them.  CFL’s are much more efficient than the traditional incandescent but also not that much more expensive, so the average person easily saw the trade off.  LED’s are very cost-efficient in a commercial setting when they are on all the time, but in residential settings they don’t make a lot of sense with regards to money for most people.  Second of all, they dont have as wide uses for the most part.  LED’s can be used in overhead lighting, but because their beam is focused at the very top they can’t really be used in lamps or anything like that.  As technology increases, all of these negatives will decrease and eventually the LED market will boom, but it may take several years for the prices to come down enough and their negaties worked out.

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