Will Koi fish survive in a small backyard pond?



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    Fish ponds typically have about 100 “total inches” of fish per 1000 gallons. Koi can reach up to two feet in lengeth, so it would be wise to provide at least 250 gallons of water per fish.

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    Yes, depending on the conditions Koi will survive and thrive in a small backyard pond.  The conditions of greatest consideration are pond size, water clarity, temperature, and diet.  An ideal pond size is at least 1000 gallons.  Filtration is necessary to ensure cleanliness and limit bacteria build up which can be potentially lethal to the fish.  Koi can withstand cold winters, as long as only a few inches of the top water freeze during the cold spell.  Also, there should be a significant amount of water surface area to allow for gas exchange.  A good diet can be achieved through commercial pellet or flake food, making sure not to exceed 30% protein content.

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