Will the Kindle always have a leg up on other e-readers because it was the fist one out?



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    Like everything starting earlier gives you an advantage in the market. However, some things catch on slowly but become very popular later on or are introduced to the market late. For instance, apple was very late in the game with the ipod, which has not only become the most popular mp3 player, but also revolutionized apple. 

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    A different e-reader manufacturer can always come up with a better interface, better technology, or better contracting with publishers and change the balance of power in the e-reader market. With the complexity and subtlety of technology, a leg up is never a leg up for long.

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    Well, I know some people already prefer the Nook than Kindle but it really is just a matter of personal preference. Furthermore, other companies are going to invent new e-readers with never-before-seen features, I’m sure, so I don’t think Kindle will always be the “best” one out there. 

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    The Kindle did have a big setback when Amazon recalled certain books from Kindles that had been purchased by Kindle users. It was like Borders demanding you return a book you bought, with or without refunding the money! Although Amazon has vowed to not do this again, the incident has certainly sullied the Kindle’s reputation.

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