Will Idaho hunt wolves again next year?



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    Wolves were on the endangered species list from 1974 until May of 2009 when they were removed after their population had been successfully rebuilt in Idaho. They had been extinct from the continental US in 1974. Under the watchful eye of fish and game a hunting season will now be allowed for population control.

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    The 2010-2011 Idaho Wolf-Hunting Season is in limbo right now: environmentalists represented by Earth Justice filed a lawsuit asking for wolves to be put back on the endangered species list until the federal government has analyzed their numbers and developed a new plan for managing wolves in the Northern Rockies.  Meanwhile, hunters and wildlife officials are making plans to expand the wolf season quota (the number of wolves that can be hunted) while cases are built for both sides.  The court will come to a decision before the start of the next season.

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    In 2007, Idaho governor C.L. Otter encouraged the hunting of gray wolves.  He promoted the goal of reducing the gray wolf population to slightly more than 100, which would qualify them as an endangered species.  Wolves were viewed as a threat to Idaho‚Äôs hunting industry.

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