Will I be healthier if I keep from drinking tap water?



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    Tap water isn’t necessarily unhealthy.  This is a misconception that has resulted from elaborate marketing schemes by companies that sell bottled water.  In some instances, bottled water may even be unhealthier than tap water.  (Tap water is required to be tested by law.)  You can use the first resource provided below to obtain detailed information about the water in your area.

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    Chances are you will actually be healthier by drinking tap water than you would drinking bottled water.  Tap water naturally contains a lot of a extra vitamins and minerals that bottled water does not, and as long as you are in an area where your tap water is tested regularly, it is completely safe to drink.  The major thing that people object to with tap water is the taste, but that is because it contains those extra good vitamins and minerals.  A lot of bottled waters add minerals to their water which are unsafe for babies and small children.  In most U.S. areas you are fine drinking tap water, and really the only places that you should be concerned are in foreign countries where their water isn’t tested as strictly.

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