Will hydrogen be a greener fuel than Natural Gas?



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    Hard to say definitely, but there are more and more reports saying that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are dirtier for the environment than traditional petrol powered cars. These studies look at emissions of each vehicle type from start to finish, meaning that they consider how is the electricity created, how is the hydrogen created and what is the overall impact of each source of motivation. When taking all of these into account the hydrogen is not greener. 

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    I think it is worth looking at potential for hydrogen fuel technologies beyond hydrogen fuel cell cars. Hydrogen has always been a promising source of fuel because in its pure form it produces very little by way of pollution. However there are disadvantages: creating hydrogen in any usable fuel form expends energy, and the extremely flammable properties of hydrogen can sometimes be dangerous, as was horribly demonstrated at Lakehurst, New Jersey in 1937 (I’m speaking of the Hindenburg disaster where a hydrogen-powered dirigible became an airborne funeral pyre). Nevertheless there is potential for hydrogen to be a clean fuel, or at least cleaner than existing technologies, such as the proposed (but not yet built) “Generation IV” type nuclear reactors. I think if the kinks can be worked out of hydrogen, including in the fuel cell context that Seppe mentioned, there is the potential that hydrogen can work as a fuel that’s cleaner than any type of fossil fuels including natural gas.

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