Will hybrids ever make up a substantial percentage of our car market?



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    I think they will.  As technologies improve that enable hybrid cars to be built and sold for prices close to standard gas powered vehicles I think hybrid sales will increase.  There are more and more auto manufacturers making hybrid vehicles these days giving everyone an option they might find visually attractive.  More competition in the market will also help to drive the prices down. As hybrid technology improves to increase the fuel efficiency and gas prices rise, the initial cost of purchasing a hybrid vehicle will be offset quicker and quicker in money savings by fewer and fewer fill ups.  Lastly, hybrid vehicles are something everyone can have.  There is no need for a charging station or special fuel, therefore it can be owned by someone in a very rural area which may never get a local hydrogen fueling station, as well as people who live in apartments without the ability to charge a car in the garage overnight.

    While hybrid sales made up only 2.8% of the total car sales in 2009, the 2010 sales are projected to be 3% and I would bet that there will be a slow but steady increase for the forseeable future.

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