Will humans someday live in sealed-off domes so we can capture and treat all of our emissions before they reach the environment?



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    I hope not. Although that would be convenient because we wouldn’t have to deal with the harmful effects of global warming, it is continuing us in the direction of separating ourselves from our environment even more, as if we are not a part of it. It also removes our responsibility for our way of life and allows us to continue to live in ways that are not sustainable, efficient, or even conscious.

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    The environmentalist’s mantra is “There is no ‘away’.”, which means everything produced stays in the environment. In things that are natural this isn’t an issue: when a tree dies it doesn’t just lay there forever, animals, fungus, and bacteria all move in to break it down and return it to the soil. Similarly, the best tactic for humans isn’t bubble-cities, but composting, recycling, using marshlands to break down sewage naturally, and other systems that involve making our outputs harmless or even useful. Nature recycles pretty near-perfectly, we’re hoping to someday match that.

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