Will human hair break down if I throw it away or is there a better use for it?



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    Human hair will break down if you throw it away, but it is also a popular compostable material because it is made of keratin (protein), which releases nitrogen as it decomposes.  

    Avoid composting hair clippings, however, if the hair has been processed or dyed. Chemicals from hair products may contaminate your compost with toxins.

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    You could also donate your hair to a good cause. There are many charities out there that will take human hair and turn it into wigs for cancer patients. The link at the bottom has many different charities that will take these donations, like Pantene. Also, I was watching a fashion program on television the other day, and it was showing dresses crafted with human hair. That is an alternative, although creepy way to make use of your hair. 

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    Students at the RCA (Royal College of Art, UK) have found one of the most innovative new ways to use human hair.  Their new collection of glasses puts human hair to good use!  The glasses are made out of hair and bioresin (a binding agent).  No harmful substances are released during the process of manufacturing the glasses so they are considered 100% biodegradable at the end of their lifespan.  The glasses contain blonde, brown, and black hair that mimics the appearance of tortoiseshell.  Check out the glasses here: http://www.studioswine.com/STUDIO_SWINE/Hair_Glasses.html.


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