Will the high-speed rail project create significant jobs in California?



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    According to a report released by the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Irvine last year in August, a well-established Californian high-speed rail system will not only eliminate millions of pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere, but also create more than 320,000 permanent jobs. This would be a result not only of direct revenue from ticket fare, but also of all types of development associated with rail stations.

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    Yes; another benefit of California’s high-speed rail system is the fact that it will provide stable, well-paid jobs, and create tens of thousands of jobs across California. With the development of the high-speed rail system California hopes to create 450,000 potential and permanent jobs; offer jobs to not only build the trains and the train line, but to also operate them and create 100,000 construction-related jobs as well.

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