Will the green movement pass just like the hippie movement and the disco era?



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    Well, right now green is a fad. There are lots of things out there marketed as green that are not. Look around though, there are still hippies and disco enthusiasts. I don’t think it will pass as much as it will seem less prevalent. In order to save ourselves though, we do have to follow some of its principles. I think it will just assimilate to the point we won’t even notice it.

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    I don’t know if I agree with melayna in saying that green is a “fad.”  I think some people make being green out to be a fad, just because there are always going to be people out there who want to be a part of a phenomenon whether it is for moral reasons or superficial reasons.  I would not compare the Green movement to the “Disco Era,” that’s for sure.  There was no moral imperative involved with the “Disco Era.”  I would say, though, that the Green Movement is influenced by the Hippie movement in a very real way – that is where the green movement has its roots.  Both the Hippies and the “Greenies” (as Sara Palin so lovingly refers to them/us) have a moral imperative – a sense of the “greater good,” and a sense that everything we have does not personally belong to any of us – it is a part of us and it belongs to everyone.

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    I don’t think the green movement is like the hippie movement; movements in the disco era had an air of social rebellion, even though the cause was something greater. I think we’re past that at this point and the green movement is much more serious than it was forty years ago because we’ve seen and are seeing the world change before our eyes because of environmental “unconsciousness.” I think the green movement is more of a responsible movement rather than a fad. We know that the hole in the ozone layer is getting bigger, the politics of oil is getting trickier, the people of the world are getting hungrier. It’s a legitimate response to very real problems – not simply a fad.

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