Will gray wolves just be allowed to be hunted until they are on the brink of extinction again?



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    Whether the gray wolves survive after being bred back into the wild is only something time will tell. The Governor in Idaho is hardly an environmentalist fighting for the survival of these creatures. He is more likely to support the farmers who are up in arms, literally, against wolves who are known to kill livestock. Other protesters of wolves use stories of wolves attacking people as a reason to allow them to be hunted back into extinction. People living in the areas where wolves have been reestablished are scared by these stories and are not happy about the animals either.

    Only the environmentalists are tirelessly working towards saving and reestablishing wolves because of their importance to the ecosystem. 

    Each state is in charge of how it deals with its wolves, which could mean that wolves will be hunted back into extinction in some areas and not in others. 

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