Will granite last forever or do you need to replace it after a while?



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    Granite is typically over one million years old before it is quarried from the earth. Being a very hardy material, your granite (counter tops, etc.) will last a long, long time and probably won’t need to be replaced in your lifetime. However, you do need to seal your granite once a year. 

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    Granite takes a little care, but it will last forever.  Rated number one for clean-up, mild soap and water will do the trick.  Once a year granite needs to be sealed and buffed.  Most of America’s granite is importated from India, Brazil, Italy, and China.

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    Nothing lasts forever. But granite lasts for a really long time.

    However, depending on the use and environment, your granite may need special treatment. For example, a granite countertop is incredibly sturdy, and likely has a nice polish on it. You will want to maintain that polish, because granite can be very crumbly.

    If you are using granite as flooring, you will likely want to use some kind of surface agent to keep it looking nice.

    Other than that, your granite should last a long time.


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