Will granite countertops eventually need to be resealed?



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    Yes. You know you need to reseal your granite counter tops when water splashed on the surface does not bead up. This is the best way to tell if your granite needs resealing, but you can also default to resealing once a year.

    Natural stone is very porous, especially igneous rock like granite, so it will stain if your seal wears off (which it should – it is not recommended to use permanent sealers on granite, rather, you should use strippable sealers). For more valuable information on sealers, check out http://homeimprovement.lovetoknow.com/Granite_Countertop_Maintenance

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    Yes, most granite countertops need to be resealed sometime between every six months to every two years. You should ask your installer what they recommend for your exact countertop. How much you use your kitchen will affect how often you need to reseal the countertops.

    You should choose a non-toxic sealer because food will be prepared on the countertop. There are two types of sealers, penetrating and topical.

    Penetrating sealers penetrate into the stone and protect the structure of natural stone. The granite absorbs the sealer for about three to four minutes. Whien it is almost dry, you should add a little more sealer to the countertop and rub with a soft, dry rag. You should apply it a section at a time and wait two hours before applying a second coat. If you choose a penetrating sealer, it should say “oil repellant impregnator.” This means it will help stop oil from seeping into the stone.

    Topical sealers form a film designed to protect the countertop’s surface. It is usually made from some form of natural wax, acrylic, and other plastic compounds. There are two types of topical sealer, strippable and permanent. Strippable topical sealer is made to be stripped or removed from the granite countertop with little work. Permanent topical sealer is made from solvent-based or water-based polymers and difficult to remove. It is not recommended for granite countertops.

    After you have sealed your countertops, you should perform the water spill test. Simply spill a little water onto the countertop and let it set for 30 minutes. After this time, wipe up the water. If the water leaves the countertop darkened, the granite is not sufficiently sealed.

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