Will global warming effect the number of avalanches?



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    Actually, global warming already is effecting the number of avalanches, but also the habitat as a whole in areas that typically have a substantial year-round base of snow. 

    In the Himalayas, locals have commented that the weather patterns have changed dramatically in their lifetime, with snowfall frequent in the dry seasons, and almost no snowfall in the typically “wet” season. 

    A number of eventualities can be surmised by the onset of global warming, to include an increase in the number of avalanches wherever there is snow set on an angle. 

    Avalanches are primarily caused by heat, seismic disturbances and instability–all of which are understood to increase as the median temperature of the Earth rises. 

    Many uncertain outcomes will occur, though, as it cannot be accurately predicted to what degree snow levels will be effected at higher altitudes several decades from now, nor even with certainty to what degree (pardon the pun) global warming may effect our planet’s ecosystem writ large. 

    Another possibly greater concern is the effect global warming will have on other forms of H2O, including our primary water sources, which have fallen victim to pollution, drought, etc. 

    Less than 2% of the water on our planet is drinkable, with those supplies diminishing with each passing year. 

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