Will global warming be affected by the earthquake in Japan

I read that the earthquake in Japan shifted the earths axis by 25cm and very slightly shortened the length of day. Will this cause the temperature and weather extremes already attributed to global warming to increase due to the extra “wobble” of the earth?



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    You are correct that the axis of the Earth has shifted and will result in a tiny shortening of the length of a day.  Although global warming can have many causes and a number of different things can potentially contribute to cimate change (natural and man-made), it is unlikely that this specific event on it’s own will contribute to the problem.  The issues with the nuclear reactors is another problem however, and since we do not know the outcome of those issues yet, we will have to wait to see what environmental impacts there may be.

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    The eathquake itself shouldn’t, but the massive amounts of garbage and debris that will have to be cleaned up will definitely have a C02 impact, though probably not on a global scale. I can’t find it today, but I read something yesterday that mentioned that Japan burns a very large percent of its waste because there just isn’t enough room.

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