Will global warming affect the Great Lakes in any way?



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    Because of global warming, it is estimated that the sea level of the Great Lakes will diminish by 1.5 to 8 feet by the year 2100. The subsequent rise in sea temperature will also impact marine life that are used to their natural environment. In addition, pollution from nearby cities is putting even more stress on the Great Lakes.

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    Global warming will affect the water ecology, coastal ecosystems, forests, agriculture, and quality of life surrounding the Great Lakes. Global warming will cause lake temperatures to rise and warm season will lengthen, causing life in the lakes to decrease by 20%. Also, weather patterns may change, which could affect water flow, endangering certain species. Lowering water levels would hurt the wetlands and coastal ecosystems, causing those environments to decline. In the forests, certain species will have difficulty adapting to a warmer climate, especially hurting birds. In terms of agriculture, crops yields would increase at first, but then decrease over time due C02 enrichment. Lastly, global warming would cause heat waves around the Great Lakes region, which would lower the quality of life in the area. There would also be a threat of tornadoes, blizzards, and floods.

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