Will genetic diversity cause overpopulation?



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    Genetic diversity amongst humans is what keeps us from all dying of the same disease. It isn’t the reason the earth is becoming overpopulated though. The increasing population of the earth is due mostly to the agricultural revolution. As soon as humans discovered how to fix atmospheric nitrogen so that it can be taken up by plants, we could keep more and more people alive on earth. Populations grow at an exponential rate, and eventually level off at a carrying capacity. We have simply increased that carrying capacity.

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    I agree.  In every other species diversity keeps the species alive since there are more ways to survive different predators and harsh climates. Humans, however, can simply change their environment instantly instead of having to adapt of evolve. Moreover, humans have no predators. It is not causing overpopulation–we have simply created an environment that is forced to carry so many people.

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