Will the environment always be at the expense of modernity?



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    It seems that way—for the time being—at least. The only hope we have is that we enter a day-in-age of super-modernity where we have blending the technological advancements we have made (such as electricity for lighting, refrigeration, indoor climate controls, and others) with the conservative and efficient systems of the past — What I’m talking about, of course, is Reversion… We need to go back to doing things the way they were done in the past — using Human energy; not just always letting machines doing everything for us — so we can ensure that we don’t over-consume the resources of and over-pollute this planet. Why not let goods be carried across the ocean by a windsail, as it was done in the past?  And use technology to supplement the system (radar to check and plan for inclement weather) perhaps a bit of energy added when necessary —ZOOM! — to get things moving. We cannot forsake the Earth for the sole purpose of maximizing profits (because in doing so we sell our souls and give up what it means to be human beings, looking out for one another, a family!); and that is why I believe in the future the environment will no longer be at the expense of modernity — and rather it will be protected and revived by modernity (or let’s say, super-post-modernity, when we’ve got everything all figured out and science works for the benefit of the many, and not the wealth of the already rich and powerful)… True Democracy will allow it!

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