Will the electric motors work well for larger vehicles?



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    As technology improves, electric motors will be better for larger vehicles.  Right now, there are some drawbacks to electric technology for larger vehicles like semis and delivery trucks.  One company has designed electric delivery trucks, but the top speed is only 50 mph, the range of charge is about 100 miles, and it can take up to 8 hours for the battery to fully recharge.  This would be great for delivery trucks that drive within cities and only make a few deliveries.  It’s not ideal for large-scale deliveries with tractor-trailers, and that’s where much of our pollution comes from.

    There are hybrid semi-trucks, which could save fuel by 5-10% over long distances.  However, this is still not even close to making an impact.  We’ll probably have to wait a bit longer for electric technology to be feasible for the larger vehicles on our roads.

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