Will electric cars completely replace gas cars in the near future?



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    One thing is certain, we will at some point run out of oil. We actually won’t run out of oil, but the cost of recovering that oil at some point will not be worth it. Geologists and economists have already been warning people that reserves are running out and new oil fields are not being discovered.

    When the oil does run out, and it will, another form of vehicle will definitely take over. The electric car will be a big contender in this category. The electric car however will not be able to take over all gas and diesel vehicles. Big rigs trucks and heavy equipment will never be able to run solely on electricity. These vehicles require too much torque for electric motors to produce. These vehicles will need to be replaced with bio-fuel vehicles or another energy source.

    The electric car does however still have a very large place in our future. Coal, hydropower, and nuclear power all guarantee us with ample amounts of electricity into the future making the electric car a vehicle of promise as oil reserves run dry.

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    Unlike cox01 says, electric motors are very powerful (and small). The only reason that some of them are slower than gasoline-driven cars is that lead-acid batteries are very heavy. Even with lead-acid batteries, a simple electric car can reach speeds of 80mph (or more). When I interviewed Gordon about Margaret’s electric car, he said he never took it over 80mph just because he didn’t want to get a speeding ticket.


    So, Yes! I do think that electric cars will completely replace gas cars in the near future. However, I see some application for Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) which is discarded from restaurants regularly. WVO could be used for long, extended trips when people are in a hurry if restaurants had filtering equipment and acted as gas stations. However, the electric car is best for most applications.

    Don’t forget bicycles, though! Bicycles are far more efficient than any motorized vehicle, and they are a great way to get exercise. I use a bicycle for all of my local grocery shopping, and I think that more people should make bicycling their primary mode of transportation.

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