will Eco friendly products ever be as cheap as their less green cousins?



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    Eventually they will be, but it will take time. Once green production companies start getting more funding it’ll be easier for them to sell cheaper. It’s all about the size of the company though. Until people start buying lots more of the product (demanding more), the companies cannot grow. So there needs to be some combination of people demanding a lot more and the government funding them more.

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    Yes, eventually. In order for companies to lower the price of goods, there must be sufficient demand which in turn stems increased production, resulting in lower prices. Additionally, as more and more companies begin to produce eco-friendly products, there will be increased competition in each niche, resulting in price-battles that will ultimately lower prices. In order for green products to become as cheap as non-green products, consumers need to express a desire for the more environmentally responsible product. I believe this is happening, despite the current price differential, so I think we will see prices begin to fall as people start buying more.

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    If they become more than just a niche market I suspect that prices will eventually go down. Larger companies are producing green lines at a premium do to the perception that they are a luxury for the consumer and consumers are willing to pay more to them. Once the demand reached a high enough point where less environmentally sustainable lines cease to be profitable then eco-friendly products will no doubt decrease in price. As long as eco-friendly lines are believed to be a premium alternative, then prices will remain high.

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