Will the earth ever get bad enough where people will die from carbon dioxide poisoning?



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    No, in theory it could happen, but to die from CO2 poisoning the concentrations need to be above 50,000 ppm for a sustained period of time, it is improbable for that to ever happen for any reason.

    Example, one of the warmest times in the Earth’s history, and the period with the highest CO2 concentrations ever, was the Cretaceous period. The Cretaceous warming period happened around 100 million years ago and was caused by massive volcanic activity spewing pollutants into the air. Even with constant volcanic emissions of CO, CO2, NO, NO2, and methane, the world was only about 11.2F degrees warmer than today, and CO2 was only 1,000 ppm. Today, CO2 concentrations are only about 385 ppm, and it goes up by about 3ppm a year. At this rate it will take thousands of years for CO2 to get bad enough to cause CO2 poisoning.

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